Water vs Silicone Based Foundations

Identifying silicone and water-based foundations can help you choose the best foundation for yourself. Using a foundation with a different base from your primer can result in separation when applying makeup, so it is useful to know how to identify foundations and primers that will work well together. This information will make choosing your foundation and primer combination a smooth, stress-free process!

Foundation ingredients are listed in order from the ingredients used the most to the ingredients used the least. Most foundations contain water as one of the top ingredients, whether they are water-based or silicone-based, as water is used to create the liquid consistency. However, to identify if a foundation is actually silicone-based, look for ingredients ending in -cone or -siloxane towards the top of the list. Water-based products will not contain silicones as one of the first few ingredients.

So how do you know which type of foundation is best for you?

Silicone-Based Foundations

Silicone-based foundations can be more mattifying for oils on the skin, and tend to be more long-wearing and sweat-proof (great for summer months!). The silicone helps create a smoothing base on your skin.

Water-Based Foundations

Water-based foundations can be best for those with sensitive or dry skin. They tend to be more sheer/medium coverage foundations, and can work well for a natural look.